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Now this has been a long time in the
It's a new way for me to work, something
that I have been planning long before I
even moved to Texas. It's the reason that
I am taking machinist classes day and
night on top of full time knife making.

If you may recall the Rockeye is named
after an ordnance item of the same name.

There is a variation of the Rockeye, called
the VECP. VECP means Value Engineering
Change Proposal, basically that is a
program that finds better ways to get the
same job done. Since they Rockeye's job
is to blow up and send a shape charge jet
into a target, they found a way to do it
with a stream lined design and
manufacturing process.

One of the goals of the Rockeye design,
was to have a design that I could scale up
and down at will. Since I have made them
with blade lengths from 2.6 all the way up
past 7 inches, I think that box is checked.

One of the hardest parts of custom folder
making is managing the variations of
materials. Steel not straight, titanium
bowed and not the same thickness though
out, etc. All these things play havoc with
knife function and I spend a lot of my
time on the custom knives fixing those
inconsistencies. A lot of time!

So I had an idea of a project, where I
took out as many of the variables as
possible, Keeping the design simple and
speeding things up, adding Value by
changing the engineering.

That's about enough talk for now, here
are the specs and pics!
I give you, the VECP

Steel: .150" (3.81mm) thick, CTS-XHP

Handle: Titanium Frame lock, .150 (3.81
mm) thick

Back spacer: Grooved Black G-10

Ambidextrous thumb stud

Phosphorus Bronze washers

Drilled and tapped for tip up / tip down.  
Hole configuration is the
standard 3 whole pattern so if you want a
different clip, you have a lot of options.  I
am actually making up a new style clip for
this project, those are still a few days out

Lanyard hole

4.9” (124mm) long closed

Blade, 3.4" (86mm) long, CNC flat ground
to .015 (.381mm) before sharpening*

Hinderer Lock Bar stabilizer**

*I made a new logo that will go on all non
hand ground blades so there is never any

** Big thank you to Rick Hinderer for
licensing his lock bar stabilizer to me and
for his constant help and encouragement
though the initial phase of this project.

I have a lot of different design elements in
this knife that I will hit on later, but for
now this is what we got.

There are a lot of goals I have involved in
this project, versatility and utility being
first and foremost.  

Hope you guys like it, thanks for looking.  
VECP folder